Collected here are tips for leveling all 18 skills in the game to turn them into Skyrim Legendaty skills.

One-handed and two-handed weapons. Honest way: in pumping weapon skills, the main thing is to know that the calculation is not based on the number of hits, but on the amount of damage done. Therefore, it is best to pump with weapons with high damage, and on enemies with a large number of hp – trolls, giants, mammoths, etc. For more details about the methods of pumping Skyrim skills legendary, see the article
On a bug: At the very beginning of the game, when completing the quest “To freedom!”, There will be a moment where your ally stops in front of the bear. It will not move on until you pass. And it is at this moment that you can beat him as much as you like – he will not die, and will not attack you, although he will swear.

Alchemy works best when creating potions with a large number of properties – the more, the better. Before that, of course, you need to open all the properties of all ingredients – for this, use our table of alchemical properties.

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